American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History is one of the most-famous science museums in the world. It was founded in 1969 and has over 1,600,000 square feet with exhibition halls displaying the different cultures of humanity, the natural world and the universe.

The Museum is packed with educational information about human biology and evolution, animals, the ocean life, minerals, gems and fossils.

Along with dinosaurs, African elephants, North American mammals and a 94-foot-long blue whale, the Origami Holiday Tree is one of the most beautiful Christmas trees in New York.

Kids, students and adults love watching “Space Show:Dark Universe” at the Hayden Planetarium or visit the Rainforest and the Butterfly Conservatory with more than 500 flying tropical butterflies.

In addition to the permanent and special exhibitions, visitors can also explore the gift shops, thematic tours, classes and lectures.

It is not a surprise that it is one of few mobile Museums in New York.

Biodiversity and Environmental HallsBiodiversity and Environmental Halls

Birds and Reptiles and Amphibians HallsBirds and Reptiles and Amphibians Halls

Earth and Planetary Sciences HallEarth and Planetary Sciences Hall

Fossil HallsFossil Halls

Human Origins and Cultural HallsHuman Origins and Cultural Halls

Mammal HallsMammal Halls

Rose Center for Earth and SpaceRose Center for Earth and Space

Theodore Roosevelt MemorialTheodore Roosevelt Memorial

DiscoveryRoomDiscovery Room

Yayoui Kusama at the David Zwirner Gallery

Yayoi Kusama is an outstanding artist from Japan.

Her performance “I Who Have Arrived in Heaven” is now showing at the David Zwirner Gallery.

The exhibition displays two of her notorious mirrored chambers, 27 new paintings and a video installation.


“Infinity Mirrored Room – The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away” gives a feeling of eternity with hundred of multicolored LED lights suspended from the ceiling reflected by wall-to-wall mirrors.


“Love is Calling” is staging of an underwater forest in brightly-colored polka dots.

Map525 West 19th Street

New York, NY 10011